Tips And Tactics Regarding Meditation

I’ve been studying meditation for years. What I find particularly interesting about meditation is that there are way too many methods available to really still the mind. One begins to wonder if they’re doing things right, which defeats the purpose of stillness.

Of course, you do value meditation. But it is not good enough for this to be a vague kind of ‘Oh yes, I know meditation is good for me and I should do more.’ That is unlikely to get you focused when your day grows tricky.

Posture is another key part of meditation. It is important to point out that you are fully awake during meditation baltimore. While some forms of meditation involve letting go of your physical perception, you always stay alert and awake. If you find yourself getting too comfortable and starting to drift off, then you need to adjust your posture. If you are using a chair, sit upright with your feet flat on the floor. If sitting on the floor, you can cross your legs if comfortable, as long as you can maintain an upright posture. You need to be able to relax in this position, so if you find yourself becoming tense, you need to adjust.

If you have been reading my newsletters for a while, you’ll know that I have often written about this topic and have previously even given lists of tips for meditating better.

So although meditation is a fantastic practice for anybody to engage in, it is important to realize that you do not have to sit like a tibetan monk and focus on your breathing for an hour to receive the benefits of this wonderful activity.

It really isn’t, as long as you don’t have any expectations going in. Don’t expect to sit in perfect serenity your first time through. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t. Meditation is for you, and for you alone. It is unique to you. Let it be whatever it is, just for you.

We learned: the importance of breathing, a mantra, and the number of times a day and how many minutes to meditate. I recall talk of meditation being simple but not easy and warning that falling asleep during meditation although not “bad” was a sign of “not getting enough sleep at night” (duh…we were college students in the era of disco, heaven forbid!!) It was stressed that a straight spine was key to success and a cushy comfortable chair, the enemy. Basically it was encouraged to sit in a quiet space wherever you could find it but remember to keep the spine straight.

This modification of the walking meditation technique comes in handy in places like airports and shopping malls where throngs of people surround you. It can instantly blow the stresses away, as you unwind with each breath and each step you take.

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