Time Management – How To Teach Students Time Management Skills

A huddle of students in the back passing notes. A flank of kids in the front doodling on the white board. A cluster of students tucked in a corner playing handheld video games. The entire classroom a symphony of giggles and whispers, screeching and screaming, bleeps and boings and buzzes.

Then when you explain what you are doing at home – teaching them stress School management system techniques, allowing your child to listen to music whilst doing homework, systematic tutoring in the areas there are gaps (for example recognising the building blocks of the English language, sequencing, brain integration) and how you plan to manage homework, assignments etc. The teacher is more willing to allow your child the time that they need to improve in the areas where they are weak.

SPEAK IN CODE. How will you signal that students should be silent, return from breakout groups, or listen for instructions? Instead of yelling over the students, and thus adding to the hubbub, develop a code to signal that you want your students’ attention. Counting backwards from 5 to 1, ringing a bell, turning down the lights, or issuing a call-and-response clap are some tried and true methods to refocus your group.

2 Basic financial management. How to open a bank account, checking accounts, apply for a loan, credit Edulabs and budgeting. Wonder why we are in the economic pickle we are in today? No one really understood what they were doing.

If you take a step back and think about everyday life, it offers some of the same challenges any team of unconnected individuals will come to face if they need to live in close quarters and work towards some common goals. In other words, workgroups everywhere face almost exactly the same set of challenges that a family faces. Workgroups spend a lot of time and resources towards managing teamwork. Families generally don’t, and they should.

What I was to read was a list that initially started with three appointments, but described in the e-mail, a confusion with Admin that had arisen and what I actually found was I had 15 appointments. I would not be home till around 7.30pm. I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I picked up my bags, left my classroom and never went back.

One thing to keep in mind as a high priority is to keep something in your pipeline at all times, even if your business is at capacity today. Having a waiting list is a good thing! This means, make phone calls to prospects EVERY SINGLE WEEK! When you have more time, call 50 people. When you get an answering machine, don’t leave a message – call again later.

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