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“The Village Voice” is Long Island News. Islanders News: Island News Professional” is the name of its sister publication, now called ” Isles News.” A classic example of the vibrant, happy covers that were featured in Fire Island News since the late 1940s. The original Fire Island News (FIN) delivered to your door at just 15 cents per issue was welcomed by greeting readers with a welcome package. Readers would be given their first genuine glimpse of the colorful characters that comprised this daily dose of news from the Islands, a collection of characters that were characterized by crisp, understated lines, beneath the all-knowing newspaper symbol.

For certain people, this friendly, but charming image was not enough. To them, Island News represented a certain class. In a way it was. People who lived in older homes or frequented Fire Island were considered more conservative and had a set of beliefs that were more geared towards the preservation of the value of their property. They were, of course the most stereotypical group of readers to be found in this newspaper. Learn more about Island News Top Stories now.

Long Island life was a grind. It was a grind. This included, of course, making the puzzle, the daily and weekly puzzle. (That’s another article! Keep coming back.

Frank Shamrock was a notable resident of this little slice of heaven. Frank Shamrock was an insurance salesman for AIG, a giant insurance company. Frank was so dedicated to his job, it was his decision to take a sabbatical from work after retirement to pursue his passion. He purchased a small one-bedroom home with a small lot in the East Bay of Long Island. It was a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It was just the right place for the couple.

Shamrock loved the peaceful atmosphere. The gray concrete of his property created a sense stillness – even if there were a lot of cars speeding by, he was at ease knowing that he was in a quiet area. There was no noise outside, no dogs barking and no children playing or barking at the dogs. He felt serene. It was like walking into the ocean’s vast blue.

Frank was walking home from the mall when he saw a horrible sight: a bullet hole in the head. He fell to the ground unconscious. He was unconscious when he regained his consciousness and was now in a hospital bed breathing hard. He was amazed at how his life had been turned upside down so quickly. He didn’t want to see this occur to him. But he needed to know how.

Frank was treated and survived, but he left an enormous question mark on his calendar: What’s next? Would he go back to South Beach, or move to another part of New York City? Frank had always considered himself an independent artist, self-employed looking to establish an apartment for himself and his family. He couldn’t even imagine not moving. Or even visiting other countries where he might find meaningful employment?

Fortunately, he had the right people. Frank was helped by his best friend and sister in law, and his landlord. They made him feel so more confident about himself, even despite the setback. They gave him the motivation he needed to keep going regardless of his physical limitations. Island News did an outstanding job of capturing his recovery.

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