Rainy Day Activities For Preschool Aged Children

Contrary to what others believe, the snow season is one of the greatest opportunities to bond with our family and friends. Instead spending our time indoors sleeping or watching TV, there are outdoor winter activities that we could try.

There are other perhaps more important questions to ask yourself. Will the team benefit from the Team Bonding Singapore? That depends again on the level of preparation and planning, as well as the level of understanding of the team dynamics. Is it easier to simply employ the services of a specialist team building provider? Yes, it most definitely is.

This time, the Team building activities are divided into two groups which line up 10 to 15 metres apart. You can have a straight running relay; or a hopping relay; or a soccer dribbling relay or a bounce the ball three times relay. There is an infinite variety of ideas you could use here.

Give some thought to bringing in an independent facilitator for the event, preferably a stranger to the team members. This will be seen as fair and not as the boss dictating to them as usual.

Many team building activities, perhaps even the majority of them, benefit from additional space. This allows for the tables that the participants are initially sat around to become their team base and the extra space becomes somewhere to go for the various challenges that form part of the overall theme. For example, in our “Wild West” option, the space is used for gold panning, learning gunslinging skills and a variety of other “old west themed” challenges. While it is always possible to manage without the “extra” space, it definitely impacts negatively in some way on the group if it isn’t there.

Rhymes and songs- Singing is something that attracts a child and improves their speaking skills. Try to make a song from poems and teach them in a singing way. Children will take more interest in this and start learning new words and rhymes gradually.

The big attraction at the arcade was a Formula One race game that had six race cars side-by-side, all pointing at a video screen that showed the track and the location of each car during the race. The players got inside the cars and when the race started everyone could track their position in the field of cars on the huge overhead video screen.

Information products are simply “how to” products. These are paper and ink products where you show your visitor how to do something. So if you’re a chiropractor, you could offer an information product on “how to take care of yourself” or “how to get more new patients” – if selling directly to other chiropractors. There’s no limit to what you can do with this strategy, so keep this in mind.

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