Lil Wayne And His Music

You’re loaded up on MySpace – tons of friends and fans with pictures from your most recent shows, flyers for your next tour, and comments from the peanut gallery on everything from the outfit you wore last week to the person you just broke up with. But as much as this is working, it’s limiting. Hugely limiting.

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson. When the Thriller music video came out, my friends and I were glued to MTV. We couldn’t get enough of the cantonese songs movie-style story the killer costumes and the awesome dancing. Thriller was also a big dance club hit. It was so long, it was like doing aerobics, but we loved it anyway. Kudos to the movie 13 Going on 30 for that fun trip back to the 80’s with the “Thriller” dance scene. Go Jennifer Garner.

The Rochester Show. It’s only a month away-give or take. It’s Sun., April 3 at the Eagles Club, 917 15th Av. SE, 507.289.9532. Dealers and collectors from Mpls./St. Paul should take Highway 52 south to Highway 14 (12th St. SE), turn left, follow it to 15th Av. SE, turn left again. The Eagles Club is approx. a block and a half north on the left side of the street.. Hours and admission prices are the same as for the Minneapolis Expo described above.

Let’s look at their hair. Holy crap, Amy Winehouse has a beehive doo. Fergie’s is generally a more reserved style, which helps her almost have the edge over Winehouse who looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. Yet, that big ole poof of hair is an attention getter, different, and would be great to hide things in.

When doing this, try your best to be as specific as possible. Instead of writing a song about love, write a song about getting your heartbroken by your girlfriend, or falling in love with your neighbor. The reason you should be specific is because broad titles usually does not inspire more material. Writing about heartbreak brings more heartbreak thoughts. You breaking up with someone, your parents getting a divorce, or even debating on leaving someone after they have cheated. My point is, get very specific.

Once I succeeded in mastering to use the chords and a couple easy tunes on on my accordion, my friend lent me another larger accordion with 24 bass buttons so that I was able to progress to more difficult tunes. It was enough for me to get started, and I was able accompany some Cantopop as good as join in with a small folk band.

Gardening is great too, but it’s not always good to send a plant. The plant might get to its destination-dead. Instead, send the seeds! Make over the outside of the seed package with your own creation or picture of yourself with the name of the seed type written underneath. Or check out the homemade potted plant card found at Disney’s Family Fun website.

In addition, Strait has won over 40 major industry awards and along with his unprecedented 51 Number One hit singles, he leads the all-time Country Music Association (CMA) award nominations with 73 and can boast 19 Number One Country Albums (followed by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson with 15 each). In 2003, he was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and in 2004, received the National Medal of the Arts from President George W. Bush.

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