Kill Toenail Fungus Using These 5 Steps With The Best Cheap And Effective Method

The range of tea tree oil uses is incredible for such a simple little product. It can be used to fight fungal infections, it helps to prevent scarring and it also works on baby’s diaper rash.

The anti-fungal qualities of this oil make it ideal for treating fungal infections like athlete’s foot and thrush. Unlike other prescribed treatments, it is gentler on the body and no side effects. It does take a longer time to heal though.

Scientists have compared its healing power to the best selling chemical cure, benzoyl peroxide. Both products kill acne bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide usually takes about two days. Skin creams made with tea tree cistite usually take about three.

Therefore a holistic approach to treatment will work best. Using essential oils is one step but you should address your diet as well. Increasing the quantity of salmon and other natural sources of fatty acids is a good place to start. Increase the amount of water you drink as well as fruit and vegetables. But be careful with citrus fruits as they may trigger an outbreak. It is helpful if you can determine the factors that cause your skin problem to worsen. Some people find that cutting down or out on eating wheat, eggs and dairy products can help reduce their eczema. Stress, too little rest and the cold may all contribute. Also protect your skin from any chemicals you use when cleaning your home as they may be setting off the whole reaction.

The tea tree oil formula takes 6 weeks to 1 year to eliminate the toenail fungus completely. This depends on the severity of the fungus and you have to wait until your nails have grown fully before you can stop using the treatment. Make sure that the fungus is gone before you declare war over. If you leave any fungus, they will make the infection occur after sometime.

Use of tea tree oil-According to advice of a physician, this oil can be used thrice daily. One or two drops of the oil can directly be applied to the infected finger or toe nails methodically to have a better result. People who feel uncomfortable in applying the oil directly, can go for infusing their nails in treating water, or may use powder or lotion.

Finally if you or your partner suffers from bad breath, try gargling with a solution of oil and warm boiled water. It is very simple but effective although it does taste rather bitter. This only describes a handful of tea tree oil uses. The list of problems it can help solve is huge, so make sure that your medicine cabinet has a bottle in it.

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