How To Increase Views Of Your Youtube Videos

Stop going for what is viral. Stop trying to figure out, “Ah, how do I make something so viral?” Stop trying to stick laughing babies, a guy falling on a BMX bike, and some cats in a video. That’s a big problem because it’s contrived. And it’s not going to work, right? The whole power about viral video is that you have something that people love and they want to pass on.

Over at Fortitude Charlie Todd gave advice and the gals decided to do their video in a gym. The theme would be people eating popcorn while working out during lunch. Tyana was causing disruptions again by complaining and annoying everyone on the team. Don Jr. thought Mahsa was in control – but maybe with a bit too much control – over her group.

Email your video link to friends, customers, clients and partners and ask them to share this video with their friends and to leave a comment. Having a lot of comments can create a buzz about your video.

When it actually comes to making a video, think about lights, camera, and audio. Lights of different colors and temperatures bring out the camera’s best images. SO, if you can very your lighting, do it. Next, the camera you use can be a webcam, but a decent camera will cost around $1,000. For web videos, web cams are usually sufficient for most videos you’re going to make. Last is audio, which is often overlooked. For your YouTube video, you need a decent microphone to harness good quality sound.

Instantly spread your berita hari ini message via social media. Use social media and make sure to create a Facebook company page for your restaurant (you can include your video on your page!) Videos are a fun and easy way to start the conversation about your services and products on social media.

Chose the right thumbnail for your video, this picture can attract more users to watch your video. This is very important to ensure better results, try to find the best thumbnail to represent your videos.

Be patient with your campaign because video marketing take a while to catch on and spread on social networks and video sharing sites. But once they do, viral videos are an efficient marketing tool that your customers will love… and you might just see more customers walk through your door.

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