How To Choose Your Tree Trimming Service

Are you fretting over what to do with your leftover Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkins? Well, here’s some advice: they came from the earth, and so can go right back in it. Last year I picked up our family’s pumpkin and catapulted it into the vacant wooded lot next to our house. Within a couple of days the neighborhood critters took care of it. Here are some suggestions for disposing of your giant squash if you don’t want them to go into general landfill waste.

Many gardeners spread the grass clippings across the yard or around the trees. This acts as a kind of mulch on the soil by preventing evaporation and keeping the soil moist. Thus, it helps to conserve water and you may not need to water the plants very often. It also prevents weeds from growing in the area. Plants and trees that have trouble staying green and healthy can benefit from mulching. All that needs to be done is to spread the grass trimmings around the plant in a small layer. One can choose the mulching priority, depending on the growth of the plants or the condition of the yard. If the yard is green and healthy, it may not require mulching. The plants and shrubs may, on the other hand need some mulching care.

You may have many large containers that you would love to see used for your container garden but don’t see yourself filling them to the brim with soil. A great soil saving tip is fill the bottom of the large container with aluminum cans. This technique fills up the empty space at the bottom, and allows a reasonable top area left to fill with soil for planting. The container appears to be completely full from the outside. Your garden admirers will never know that it’s half filled with aluminum cans.

Precut and prestack the wood and branches. The forked branches coming off a main branch should be pruned off so the wood can fit through the narrow 2-6″ opening of the wood chipper Suppliers. Cutting the branches to fit and stacking them neatly and all pointing the same direction will allow you to feed the branches into the wood chipper as quickly as possible.

A Christmas tree on fire can quickly fill a room with fire and deadly toxic gases. Take special precautions when you bring a live tree into your home.

Bob on the balls of your feet while screaming “FIRE!” at the top of your lungs. Alternate this with jumping while waving you arms. Add a beer to one hand and attempt to drink without spilling. Continue until your roommate/wife/significant other throw you out of the house. Repeat until you are forced to live alone. For expert level, add a second beer to your other hand. Don’t spill. Repeat until you are divorced/ single/ never allowed back into civil society.

Remember to dispose of your tree properly once you take it down. Your town may have a Christmas tree pick up day. Or you can chop it up or put it through a wood chipper for mulch. If you live in a cold climate you can put it outside for a bird shelter and then burn it in the spring.

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