How Can I Make My Own Hip Hop Beats?

You could have the most sophisticated recording studio in the world at your fingertips but if you don’t have the inspiration to make great music then it’s all worthless. The real musicians and beat-makers that have the spark and creativity to move people have something that they tap into that sets them apart from the rest.

…And your question is, Where can I find the beats that I’m looking for? There is an answer. Less expensive and with the potential that just your imagination and creativity can stop.

Tempo – This is how fast or slow the hip hop beat or song you’re making is. Most beat making programs will have a way to adjust the tempo. This control on your software may be as simple as a set of “up and “down” arrows, or it could be represented as BPM, a numeric value that shows how many beats per minute your song contains.

Now this is a question that is often asked. Should the lyrics come first or should the music come first? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Again, as I mentioned earlier, I prefer to listen to and choose my rap instrumentals first. I think that the best answer is that you want do whatever will help you to be the most creative. A lot of times the ability to hear the beat and the hip hop beats for sale will jog your creative juices and help you write the words that will rhyme and flow with your beats.

This software company just recently released version 2.0 and it is the real deal! It is an entire software package that gives you everything that you need, including thousands of hot beats, to allow you make your own cool tunes.

That can be both a good thing and a bad thing for artist. I mean back in the day the artist could make so much more from physical sales since that was the only way for fans to get new music. Now you can download almost anything for free. This makes it better for the fans. You have to create something of quality and meaning for a fan to purchase your music or even be interested in you.

So, how to get started? Get the software, read and watch the tutorials and make your own experiences. Yes, it’s that easy! How do you think the star producers of today started out? I’m sure their situation wasn’t much different from yours. If you are looking for inspiration, watch some videos from Pharrell or Timbaland working in their studios, it’s really amazing how they rise in the creative moment and forget everything around them.

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