Helping Your Wedding Photographer Capture The Photos You Want

In this day and age of trying to do your wedding on a budget, many brides are going for the ultimate “cheap wedding photographer” which amounts to a friend who “loves photography”, an aspiring photographer who wants to create a portfolio and will work for “free” (or close to free) or worse yet, Uncle Bob with his “great camera” who takes all the photos at the family gatherings.

, wedding photographer does not just shoot, he has to rely on photography (pun intended) of memory, make sure that it covers all of the major players on the day. singapore wedding photographer must remember that the bride’s parents are divorced and dad can not stand my mother a new husband, or that Aunt Edna and Aunt Janice has been estranged for years, and should not be asked to pose together. (It all depends on your family history, of course).

Professionalism is also important. Does the photographer have professional equipment? A photographer is only as good as their equipment. If they have low end equipment they be assured that there will be low end photos as well. Will they be bringing backup equipment in case of an emergency? If something happens to their equipment it is impossible to stop the wedding because of the photographer. If they have backup equipment that will eliminate those issues. How will they dress at the wedding? If everyone at the wedding is wearing a tux you don’t want the photographer to show up in jeans, right? Hopefully the photographer will be professional enough to know this and wear the appropriate attire to the wedding.

CARING ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS Type OF Camera Equipment. In this day and age, a photographer can make excellent photos with any medium to large high quality digital camera. Marriage ceremony photographers who shell out an inordinate amount of time discussing the form of gear they use may possibly not be the proper individual for you. What you genuinely want to know is what form of pictures they can make and if they can show you a lot of samples. It’s the closing result that issues. If you are content with what they show you and every thing else checks out Okay, you can assume their gear is adequate for the process.

See what poses work for you so you’ll know how to position your body during the photo shoot. It would also help to browse through bridal magazines and blogs for ideas. Pick the poses you like and try doing them in front of the mirror to see which ones suit you.

Hair and makeup can often take up to 40 minutes longer to do than the make-up artist estimates. Having overrun their slot and left you running late, they can walk away, not having to face the consequences of the bottleneck that follows. Book them a bit earlier and if they are swift and you are ready early, you can have an extra glass of champagne.

While a photojournalist will have you pose for some of the traditional portraits, the more creative ones will be environmental portraits. The key to a good environmental portrait is the location, lighting and background. When you view a photographers portfolio, pay special attention to the location portraits. Did the photographer choose an interesting location and composition? What’s going on in the background? Do the bride and groom stand out? Available light can make a portrait special too so take note of light, shadows and the photographers ability to mix various light sources. Also, look for candid moments and emotions. Do the images look staged or real?

Get reviews from friends and group of any good photographers. It is essential that you talk to the person because other than his photography skills, his communication skills will set the mood of your wedding day. Look for a destination wedding photographer who can make people smile without needing to force it on to them. People love photographers who simply click well and don’t boss him or her around.

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