Bike Your Way To A Healthier Life

As we approach winter, most of us will be parking our bikes until it is warm enough to pull out your bike for another sensational riding season. So until then, our bikes will be safely stored away in garages… and makeshift garages for the garage-less folks.

In choosing cycle shelters you need to consider what you intend to store in it, the level of security you need and the space you have to install them. If you intend to install more than one, get a shelter that can fit more than one bike. If you have other stuff to store, choose styles that have hooks and compartments. If security is your main concern, choose styles that have locks or provisions for locks and even a security alarm system.

Skinny Tires – Large tires have more road resistance which will lower your speed. Thin tires allow you to go faster but are more prone to puncture due to their higher air-pressure. Select a tire and tread that’s appropriate for the road and weather condition and carry an extra tube and pump for emergencies.

Listen to the e bike. Does it idle well? Or does the engine race and then slow down? If there’s a choke, see how it reacts when you engage it. Try revving the engine. Does it speed right up, or is there a delay?

The key to any successful 100 mile bike ride is preparation. You need to get your body into a condition which will enable you to complete the ride. The key to this is having a sensible and comprehensive training plan. It is a mistake to think you can riding as often as you can is enough to get you in the right shape for such an arduous test on the body.

A cycle shelter or compound allows you to store bikes and offers protection from the weather. This can be a single bay shelter consisting of five or six toast racks or a cycle compound which has space for a hundred bikes.

Seat of your bike should be checked in order to ensure that you do not get disturbed by the discomfort while riding. The seat should be adjustable to the ideal height for you. In addition, its fabric should be able to absorb sweat and moisture. The padding in the seat of your bike should also be thick and strong enough to provide you the desired level of comfort.

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