The Four C’s Of Diamond Rings

Did you know that almost 85% of the brides get a diamond ring on their engagement or wedding? Now that’s a LARGE number of men and women out there shopping fervently trying to find a ring to match their personality and taste from a few genuine designs to choose from, unless of course you don’t mind being one of the hundreds of women who wear the same or similar designs from what’s readily available. Not a happy thought is it? So how hard is it to design your own diamond ring? Not THAT hard apparently! lets look at some points you have to bear in mind while designing your own unique diamond ring.

Step 4- Cut and clarity: The next step will be to decide on the ‘cut ‘ and clarity of the diamond. The cut of the diamond price determines how it reflects the light. The cut varies from Ideal, very good, good, fair and poor. Needless to say the price of the diamond will depend on the cut you choose. Ideal cut commanding the highest price, however bear in mind that the price of the diamond also depends on the color, clarity and carat weight of diamond. Clarity represents the blemishes prevalent in the diamond. Again, diamond with fewer blemishes will have better clarity.

Next, you must consider the 4 C’s – Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. The diamond that offers you the best in all these departments will undoubtedly cost the earth! If you are on a budget, you must consider 2 C’s instead of 4 – Carat and Cut. By focusing on these factors, you can buy a bigger diamond that sparkles more. Besides, a diamond price that is rated high for color and clarity is simply rarer (and hence more expensive) than the others not necessarily more brilliant. So, it does not make sense to spend money just so you can have the personal satisfaction of wearing a rare piece. You can get excellent diamond stud earrings at great prices if you compromise on color and clarity slightly.

The first thing is to set a budget. You must aspire to buy within your budget, the 4 C’s notwithstanding! A hard act to follow, but that’s the wisest way of going about it.

Diamonds are used for diamond engagement rings because of its durability. These kinds of gemstones are the hardest and toughest and is said to be a hundred times harder than ruby and sapphire. In fact, only a diamond can cut another diamond and this makes it a perfect symbol for marriage. These qualities of this gemstone are used to symbolize a lasting marriage. Although diamond engagement rings are expensive, men who are to propose to their partners do not mind its price tag. However, it is important to know how to choose the right kind of engagement ring that is worth your money and time.

Fact: To begin with, diamonds have been for a very long time the hardest material known to man. On the Mohs scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest, diamond is a 10. Subsequently, it was amended to being the hardest ‘naturally occurring’ substance known to man, after scientists succeeded in producing harder materials. Even more recently, two very rare natural substances have been identified as very hard materials, almost 58% harder than diamond! The first, has a similar structure to diamond, but is made up of different atoms. The second is made from carbon atoms just like diamond, but they are arranged in a different shape.

Besides looking at carat number and the type of setting it is in, also look at the factors I’ve mentioned such as: the clarity, the cut, the color, the carat weight. These are often referred to as the four C’s. If you’re able to obtain a price guide on what the diamond cutting industry uses, then you’ll have a fair assessment of the diamond price.

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