Ten Reasons Why You Should Secure Your Property In Case Of A Fire

A toilet that runs constantly is a water-wasting, noisy nuisance. They also defeat the purpose of the water-conserving toilet requirements that many cities now have. Do you need a plumber to fix the problem or can you do it yourself?

Next, take a small tool with a point or hook. Gently lever off the old O-ring from each spindle. They will now be flattened rather than rounded. You can just pull these off and throw them away. Wipe the end of the rocker spindle with a rag and check that nothing is damaged. If the spindle is damaged, it will have to be replaced. If the spindle is in apparently good condition, oil it with some fresh engine oil. Then oil one of the O-rings. Gently roll the O-ring over the end of the spindle and ensure that it’s a snug fit in its groove. Do this with both rocker spindles.

Every time you start the engine of your motorcycle you know that you might get hurt in a motorcycle accident. Do you know what to do afterward? Wearing a helmet is one thing, but you can still suffer from a motorcycle accident even after its over. What are you going to tell the insurance Houston flood insurance claim? Do you know the real costs of your medical expenses–for future treatment, therapy, and rehab?

The very next day, I drove to the center of the storm and immediately noticed hail damage on roofing and siding everywhere I looked. I thought this opportunity was perfect. I had just gotten on my feet learning the ins and outs in my hometown, and now this storm was only an hour away, so I could easily manage this opportunity. I put out an all-points bulletin to everyone I knew who could help. I remember standing on a homeowner’s roof and saying to myself, “I am going to do every roof in this town.” We didn’t do every house but we did thousands of them. We went from a one-million-dollar a year company to a six-million-dollar a year company in less than 10 months.

I was dealing only with the value of the loss. The public adjuster from the homeowner’s own company where he was an agent had hired me to perform the loss estimate.

As a public adjuster, the number one complaint I hear from policy holders with a claims dispute is, “the adjuster lied to us.” What’s my advice? Never believe what an insurance adjuster promises or tells you until you see it in writing or have it tape recorded. Plan as though you are being set up (because you may well be). An insurance agent’s strategy is often to delay giving you any “bad news” until he has his own file documented.

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