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You’ve probably heard of the casino game roulette. You know that one where the winner is decided by a spin of a wheel? Yes, that’s it, and it truly is very popular to both online and casino gamblers. This fame has led casinos to emblazon roulette or references thereof on their names and logograms. Indeed, this casino game has become one of the icons of casino gambling and among the most celebrated gambling activities.

Let’s say to choose to play at column, place 1 chip on 2 of 3 columns. If the outcome hits one of columns that you bet, you win 1 chip: you bet 2 chips, one on each column, the winning column pay 2-to-1, so you get 3 chips from each winning turn; else if the outcome hits the column without the betting chip, you lose 2 chips. In short, if outcome hits the column you bet, you win one chip, else you lose 2 chips. By using this Roulette Strategy, you have 64.5% of chance to hit a winning turn on each spin, but if you lose, you have to win 2 turns to recover your losses.

In addition, in Europe, there is a unique variation known “En Prison” that decreases the edge of the casino house to 1.35% and hence offers better odds for roulette enthusiasts.

The Anti-Martingale strategy works just the opposite. A player doubles is/her wager after each win. When the player loses, the wager reverts back to the initial amount.

But if you believe in this false effect you could play the martingale strategy more “wisely”, as in hang around a Roulette Strategy table, and keep track of the results. If you notice there is a streak of the same color in a row, then bet on the alternate color.

Roulette was first developed in the 18th century in France by Blaise Pascal who was searching for a motion machine. The game has since then revolved up to its current state. Today the game takes two major forms; namely the American Roulette and European/French Roulette. In American Roulette winning involves 38 digits including the double 00 and a higher house edge of 5.26% while the European Roulette has a lower house edge of 2.7% and 37 digits including a single 0 digit.

After trying many different roulette systems I now use a very simple roulette strategy that works like a charm. If you want to know how to win at online roulette then one of the things you must do is make sure you choose the right casino to play at. This is a very important point. It’s not that hard to win at roulette, you just need to make sure you have a formula that works.

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