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Getting a train ticket is a victorious minute in any Indian’s life, because beating more than a hundred people to a ticket through the click of a mouse via IRCTC can be rather heartening indeed. As soon as you schedule your railway ticket, you must validate whether yours is a confirmed ticket or whether it includes any strings attached.

In case you don’t understand how the ticket reservation system works, the types provided below can shed some light and help you out.

Confirmed Tickets – If your train ticket status checks out as verified, you can pat yourself on the back and start planning your journey completely. Verified tickets include a seat number and a coach number, so you’ll have a basic idea about where you’ll be seated. Such appointments will be permanent, and your seat will be moved to another individual just when you cancel your ticket due to any scenarios. You can claim your cash back as soon as you cancel your ticket, although there are a couple of conditions involved in this issue.

RAC Tickets (Reservation Against Cancellation)- The RAC system is an unique one followed in Indian Railways, and under this system, around 15 seats in the coach are scheduled for such RAC-status passengers. These 15 passengers will be provided with seats where they can sit, but no berths will be offered. This system helps in accommodating more people in the coach and meeting the demand, so you can select RAC tickets if you’re all right with not having a berth to sleep on. Your opportunities of getting a berth will rise as other people start cancelling their RAC tickets and your ticket might transfer to a validated status in some days.

Waitlist Tickets – When all berths and seats are complete, your ticket status will be placed on the waitlist. Under this level, you’ll need to wait for your ticket to move into the RAC or Confirmed status over a time period, as others start cancelling their tickets. The possibility of whether your ticket will move up depends heavily on the path that you’re taking and the time of the month/year. This is since trains that run during vacations and weekends are in great need, so it’s unlikely that your ticket status will move up throughout this time. This is also true when it comes to trains that run in between major locations.

Tatkal Tickets – These are emergency tickets that you can schedule two days prior to the journey. The catch here is that the ticket cost is substantially higher, and you’ll not get a refund if you cancel a tatkal ticket that you’ve scheduled. Learn more about Train Running Status here.

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