My Encounter With A Christian Who Is Not A Churchgoer

One of the features we used in our homeschool student’s college applications was a high school reading list. It was a partial list of the books that they read throughout their high school years. I say “partial” because we never did a very good job keeping up with the number of books they actually read. My kids are voracious readers and, consequently, our books lists seemed very impressive to the colleges. It was how my kids loved to learn. I couldn’t KEEP them away from books. Even in college, when my youngest came home for vacation he decided to read Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, CS Lewis, and Agatha Christie. He didn’t just read ONE of each of those, he read the whole SERIES of each one. That’s what he loves to do, and that’s why his book list looked like it did.

Then beneath that are three secondary essential teachings of the church. Essential means quite necessary. You can accept that. One liberating point here is that the remaining primary and secondary non-essentials are given to show us all the grey areas that different church denominations claim or Christian apologetics disallow for themselves as identity labels unique only to them. God allows for this.

Here’s an interesting thought with this voyage. It returns to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Superbowl Sunday, February 1. The 2009 Superbowl is being held in Tampa, Florida that same Sunday, which isn’t that far from Ft. Lauderdale. It takes about an hour to fly, or three to four hours to drive. At latest check the one-way airfare on Southwest was running anywhere from $70 to $170. I’m just throwing this out there because for me, it would be a great way to help cure the post-vacation blues. As most of us know, the toughest part of a vacation is the close of it. With something like this to look forward to, it would help ease the transition coming home. As I said, just a thought.

Leftist media is repeating, ad infinitum, thus planting more seed of doubt that she “wasn’t properly vetted,” so clearly she’s not fit for public office.

For the Christian apologetics, this is a very significant distinction. When discussing the nature of the universe with an atheist, it can be difficult to find any common ground. If your friend denies the possibility that he or she might be wrong about God’s existence, there’s simply nothing to discuss. If we can agree that God might exist, we can then begin to examine the evidence for God’s existence and the arguments against it. It’s the beginning of a long process, to be sure…but it’s a beginning.

I had to think. What was best for my child, to honour his mother and his new father’s desire or force my own self will against that of the Lord. I chose to bow down and take the fall. I was promised and re-assured that one day my son would return and I would be re-united with him. He is fifteen years of age today and so I don’t have long to go, as around 18 I am hoping he will come looking for me.

In the end the Brothers did a lot of terrible things, but they also did a lot of great. Edmund Rice idea was to educate the poor, they did it. Unfortunately the harm that was done will not be forgotten, but neither should the good.

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