Decorating – What Do Your Fabric Choices Say About You?

Planning for a new look for your home is a tricky and challenging endeavor. It can mean just repainting a room or it could also entail repainting, rearranging and changing the motif the whole house. Let’s talk about motif, meaning color, style, and the fabric. Would you believe that curtain fabrics have as many styles and prints as you can possibly imagine? There are so many fabrics you can choose from and sure enough, you will find one which will best suit your taste.

The Feel – Run your fingers over the fabric, and see if you like how it feels. The touch has to be soft and inviting, it has to create a desire to wrap yourself in the fabric. After all, you want a good quilt!

It is not always fire which causes problems. Having extreme heat near any synthetic fabric will melt and curl into ruin. A simple cigarette ash will burn fibre based fabrics a hole into plastic.

There are fabrics, which come with stain guards and are easily washable at home. They are good for these purposes. Otherwise it becomes tough to clean them if they catch the stains of coffee or sauces.

China is one of the biggest textile producers in the world and in recent years has begun improving their manufacturing techniques to produce higher quality Fiber Reinforcement. Indeed, many of the fabrics manufactured in China have surpassed Italian fabrics in quality.

I am not a big fan of many of the fabrics because of the wrinkle factor. The satins have a real issue with developing “perma-wrinkles” in the shipping process, as a lot of these banners come thousands of miles before being hung up. The sheer materials also can have this issue. The soft polyester, however, rarely has this issue.

The French know that love and happiness exists no matter of age or income or circumstance. That feeling is infused into our bedrooms and living rooms the very first day we bring home our toile pillowcases or throw pillows.

Each quilt is practice for the next. You will develop a trained eye as you grow in experience. Try something simple, like a doll blanket or a wall hanging, if you are new to quilting.

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