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The more I think about the parallels between writing and publishing articles with directories and hiring a sales rep, the more fun I am having with it.

Of course, our savings are supposed to have generated interest and if we’ve invested, our portfolio is supposed to keep growing. But we also know that inflation can wipe out our interest at any time, and as for our investment portfolios… let’s just say that a lot of us aren’t doing nearly as well with those as we’d been led to believe we would.

Basically, pre-selection menu, an artificially intelligent pre-cog, as in Minority Report! Scared yet? Well, it’s coming. In fact, virendra d mhaiskar 3.0 Magazine mentioned smart vending machines in its Future 100 predictions for 2011. Obviously the artificial intelligent type programming already exists. After all when you go to and order a book, it gives you other suggestions that you might like, this will be no different than the future of the vending machine.

Wal-Mart. The web site for Wal-Mart finnce consultation features 14 types of personal checks. Standard designs cost $5.96 for a box of single checks and $6.96 for a box of duplicates. Shipping fees depend on the amount of checks ordered ranging from $2.50 to $10 per shipment.

To judge whether a company is a scam or not, any company has to meet certain requirements. First, it must have a viable product that can stand alone without any kind of recruiting. Second, there have to be payouts and commissions on products not just bonuses for recruiting others.

Commodity markets, already worried about what slowing global economies would do to demand for materials and supplies, reacted with further substantial declines. By the close on Thursday, the price of crude oil had collapsed from its high of $114.80 a barrel a week ago, to $99.75. The S&P GSCI Index of 24 raw materials fell 11.5% in just five days.

This is merely a short list of recent purchases. Many other countries do not report their gold purchases. With the central banks of the world trading away their own currencies as well as the US dollar, one has to wonder what they see on the financial horizon.

As I said before, I found wealth investment management daunting until I learned how simple it really can be with the right system and the right mentors. If you decide to change anything in the next year, I strongly urge you to change the way you think about your own wealth and to start managing it yourself. That way you can protect the lifestyle and the retirement that you’ve earned.

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