Advice On Dealing With Facebook, Your Boyfriend, And Your Mom

Movie loglines rarely mention a character’s actual name. This is important to think about. Many writers spend a tremendous amount of time researching and naming characters. Often they will pick a name before they decide who a character really is. When someone asks you about a movie, how often do you include the name of a character? The answer is probably very rarely. If you do mention a character, you are probably more likely to refer to them as the actor or actress who played the character than the actual character name.

Give the guy a chance to really get to know you. What most men really look for in a woman is that sense of feeling completely comfortable around her. He wants to be able to talk freely to her and have a good time every time he sees her. But all this has to come at a pace he’s comfortable with.

While about 15% of women in Canada have full blown postpartum depression, about fifty to 80 percent of mothers have some symptoms. But mothers aren’t the only parents susceptible to this. Thirty percent of fathers have symptoms similar to postpartum depression, according to Relationship Research Institute director John Gottman. He says many parents feel ashamed and embarrassed about their troubled feelings and that in the past the extent of the problem was under reported. Depression of any type puts a strain on relationships.

Even if your relationship was completely drama-filled, chances are that sexual chemistry still exists (unless attraction was an issue). This is a recipe for disaster. Why? Well, every time you get together under the new “friendship” premise, emotions and passion that remain dormant have the potential to explode into one more night of “memories” for old time sake. That brings you back to square one – hurt, confused, unsure and unhappy. Just when you were doing so well.

Secondly, snoring can have a very negative impact on your relationship with your spouse. Nothing kills the potential for subliminal messages more than snoring. There is no spooning or cuddling when one person is forced to sleep on the couch because someone can’t figure out how to stop snoring! It has been said that 80% of couples end up sleeping in different rooms at one point or another because of the snoring of a partner.

You know that dating is a gamble so calculate your risks and benefits. Don’t throw out your life just because you end up with a psychopath. Do some background check.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, staying friends with the ex is tough. During the standard break-up post-mortem, friends and family will throw in their two cents. Some will go straight to the negative, saying that you should both part ways, turn over a new leaf and never look back. Others will adopt a more optimistic approach.

8/6 & 7/11- Blink will be playing at Jones Beach. The last time Blink played here was on their reunion tour. They put on a great show, but it didn’t live up to earlier Blink performances.

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