7 Keys To Achieving Super Success As A Life Coach

As little girls we all dream of that Prince Charming coming into our lives. That Fairy Tale Wedding and living happily ever after. When we get older we realize a lot of this was dreaming. Yet when we do find that perfect person for us, that soul mate, it’s the beginning of a wonderful life together. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out that way. This happens for many reasons. Quite often it’s the couple maturing and growing in different directions. Sadly infidelity, financial stress and other things can cause this as well. Almost always, it leaves one or both of the parties wondering what happened.

Online coaching offers many advantages. For one thing, the client never has to leave their home. Believe it or not, there are many people who need outside help, but they don’t get it because they don’t want to leave home. They already have to leave home for work, to run errands, and if they have children, they have to leave home to take the kids to school or to the doctors. The last thing that busy people want, is to have to plan one more place to go. With online coaching, they don’t have this problem. They don’t have to worry about changing clothes, or doing laundry to have something proper to wear. They don’t have to worry about putting gas in the car. They don’t have to put on makeup or do their hair. They can simply sit at their computer, and have an nice session with their coach.

Make the follow up call. This can minimize the chances of a lawsuit. Call them the next day as a reassurance. Make a positive conversation and make sure that they understand why they were being let go. Give a positive talk about their performance at the company as well as discussing why they were let go. End the conversation on a positive and constructive note. If you have not worked directly with the employee ask their supervisor to give you some pointer on what they did life coaching online really well.

On a material level, you need to clean out the junk in your living and work areas. In the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, clutter is a block for your energy. If you have junk piles in your kitchen, office, and den, it’s hard to move around your home. It’s a huge enery and time suck. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need and the stuff you don’t even like. If you loathe it, why is it still in your house?

Master icf coaching certification singapore is affordable, accessible, anonymous and available by appointment from the privacy of your own home. Avoid travel time and never leave the comfort of your home to meet with me. I have many out-of-state clients who prefer to meet over the phone or via Skype. The convenience of this type of coaching is the most effective means of Life Coaching for those who live out of the Denver-metro area or are out of the state of Colorado. Your privacy is guaranteed.

I realized I have a yearning for new stories, new jokes and to re-acquaint myself with the magic of adventure. I don’t need to be scared or sleep on airport floors anymore. I don’t need to fall off a ladder or a roof to know what that’s like. Yet, I do need to expand my circle of experience to include the unknown and the undiscovered.

Again, these aren’t all “official” Life Coaching Books but they’ve really helped me with my own life coaching practice. And they’ve also made a big impact the people that have gone through THE COACH MINDSET, our Elite Life Coach Training and Certification.

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