10 Reasons For Women To Start An Online Home Based Business

It is always a big debate that which option is better: working mom or stay at home mom. However, one thing is clear that both types of moms work hard. The question that arises here is that which position is better for a woman: Working mom position or stay at home position. This is extremely difficult to answer this question. In this article, we will try to study the pro, cons of each type of mom, and will try to find out the answer.

1) A secretarial service. The beauty of the Internet, is that you can work for people not just locally, but all over the world. That is a very big and busy market. You could provide things like resumes (CV”s ) for people. All you need is a template and the customers personal information so you can enter it. You can get suitable resume templates on the Internet and provide this type of service. One lady I know provides a transcribing service for many Legal offices around the country. The information is recorded on a file by the customer, and you receive it and type out the information for them in written form. Then send it back to them. Typically you can charge $20 per letter and that is cheap. If your typing skills are up to par and you don’t type with two fingers (like me 🙂 you could do 2 an hour.

Make frequent breaks. This should be clear. Use most breaks for physical activities. Not all. Even taking a quick nap is better for your health and fitness than staying in front of the computer and working all the time.

Statistics seem to vary a lot but according to the Office of National Statistics in the UK there are now 200,000 men #rewardpointsandmiles to bring up their children – almost double the number in 1993, when official records began. A not insignificant fraction of those fathers are working part-time and sharing the childcare, or bringing up children by themselves. As more and more of us can work from home through the internet, being a stay at home dad isn’t the oddity it was even 15 years ago. Because dad can now look after his kids AND pull in some money – through the internet – the emasculating connotations to the phrase ‘stay at home dad’ are no longer what they once were.

If you weren’t working at home, what would you be doing? Could you afford to be a stay at home mom or dad without the additional income? Would you have to go back to work outside your home? Would you have to tighten your belts but otherwise make it without the income you bring working at home?

Great for Single Moms – This is a great way to survive being a single mom. If you can work it out with your employer, or find a job that’s stationed from home, or start a business from your home you’ll solve many of the problems that end up crippling single mothers.

Get a standing desk. These are getting popular in the last years especially after studies discovered the damages long hour sitting causes to your body. Not everyone likes a standing desk and some people use it only part of the day. If you can get to working at a standing desk just half of your working hours this will be pretty sufficient.

There are plenty of other options with traditional things, but the internet gives you the best option for success. You will also come across more work at home stuff that I haven’t listed, but I consider the above to be the best of the bunch and your best chance for success. If your goal is to be a stay at home mom, then stay focused on your goal and never give up!

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