10 Of The Best Spa Hotels In The World

Exercise helps you stay fit and healthy. It keeps you away from all kinds of health related problems. It helps you overcome many health problems and also helps you strengthen your body muscles and bones. Besides gym, there are some other ways of exercise like jogging, walk and Yoga. Yoga has its origins centuries back and is followed religiously by many to have a healthy life. There are many variations to this very old form of exercise. It was initially taught by gurus at the ashram to their shisyas (disciples) along with the study of arms and religious scriptures. As time passed this exercise also underwent drastic change. It is now taught at yoga retreats and meditation retreats.

It is of utmost importance to consider yoga meditation retreats that offer you more and more seclusion from the busy life. You can even go for the ones that offer personal cooking sessions so that you can develop your hobbies a great deal.

So I talked to a few of best girlfriends and talked them into taking a mini vacation The girls were all for it. I mean which girl in her right mind will say no to a vacation? The destination: Costa Rica! There was totally no objection to that. From the surf vacations to Yoga Holidays Mal Pais and the amazing spas, we were definitely spoilt for choice! So off we went, leaving all craziness behind and searching for the break we all desperately needed.

Our first destination was to beautiful Manuel Antonio. It’s an easy 3 hour drive from the Central Valley, with plenty of fresh fruit stands along the way that allow you to fill up on healthy snacks and drink Pipa Fria – coconut water served in a chilled coconut with a straw. On the way to the coast we simply had to stop at the crocodile bridge, a must for all tourists and wildlife lovers. From this well-known bridge you look down to find crocs the size of pick-up trucks… and also to find yourself clutching to the railing!

The first thing that you should look for is that the people who are organizing the retreat program are reliable. They should provide you with good accommodation and the trainers they hire for the program should also be certified. You can check the accommodation details and other information that can help you to learn more about the room and your stay.

You also need to guide them. In some countries yoga retreat guiding is also offered as a college degree. The knowledge required is a serious business.

Lastly, what would you like to learn in your Yogic holiday? If you choose to go for retreat then you will most likely learn the practice of Hatha Yoga. It is one the foremost techniques of yoga. India is the hotspot of Hatha yoga teacher training and people from all around the globe come to India to learn it from Indian gurus. But the courses are not limited to one style alone and you can take your pick.

Some people might assume that relaxing is just leaving your daily chores for some days, grab a pillow and fall into deep sleep. However, this may not hold true at all times. When your body needs to relax, it needs more of your attention. Relaxation means to think about all the ways you can give more time to your body and ways that will make it feel better.

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